This year we have 13½ couple to enter by Sir Watkin Williams Wynn and Warwickshire stallion hounds and our own Worcester.

We have not bred so many hounds this year, 8½ couple, we have used our own stallion hounds, Spitfire and Waffle and Holderness Albion.

We have also been given a pup by the Holderness who is by Brocklesby Teaser.

Hound Breeding Update
We have already put three bitches to and will be using two Brocklesby stallion hounds, Teaser and General.
The Earl of Yarborough has very kindly given us General.

We have also been given a Louth dog from Ireland, Sailor.

One of our own young dogs, Wooden, walked by Alan Morris, has been used for the first time, he is very good in his work.

We may also use Spitfire and Worcester again later on.