The Percy Hunt has bred three litters of pups this year with a fourth due any day. Our first litter are out of Speedwell ’08 by Gamble ’10, these are two of our best working hounds and also crosses of the Belvoir Poacher ’98 and Limerick Tenor ’97 line that has been a very good cross for us. Speedwell has three pups, two dogs and a bitch, they are out at walk.

Our second litter are by a Holderness dog that we were gifted, Landscape ’12, he has trail hunted very well for us and is by Hurworth Landseer ’08, a dog we have always liked a lot. They are out of one of our best bitches, Lilac ’12, who is by Spitfire ’08. She has eleven pups, six bitches and five dogs, they are now five weeks old.

Our third litter are again by Gamble ’10, out of our best young working bitch, Posie ’13. Posie was a very good bitch in her first season and in her second season was exceptional, she has tremendous voice and drive. Posie has three pups, two dogs and a bitch, they are now two weeks old.

Our fourth bitch in whelp is Article ’07, she is one of our oldest bitches but has been so good in her work and already given us ten couple of pups in total in her previous two litters, all of whom have been so good in their work that we have tried for one more litter out of her. The litter is due any day now and is by our own dog, Spitfire ’08.

We have once again had a lot of bitches sent to our stallion hounds this year from other hunts that include the Belvoir, Hurworth, Holderness, Cheshire and Woodland Pytchley.

Robert McCarthy