The Percy Hounds started hunting on Saturday 10 September 2011 at South Lyham and finished hunting on Saturday 17 March 2012, trail hunting a total of ninety seven days.

Our main trail layers for the season were Mr Jimmy Walker, Mr Graham King and Mr Stephen McCarthy who did a very good job in keeping the trail laid in some very interesting places in some very interesting ways.

Despite the very dry and warm weather we had some very good mornings. The Hunt breakfast morning from South Charlton we had a very fast trail hunt from South Charlton to Harehope. We also had a very good evening meet from South Lyham when hounds arrived back at kennels at 10pm!! I was very pleased with the young entry, they entered very well and hunted very well all season.

The Opening Meet was on Saturday 05 November 2011 at Chatton Fish Ponds, the Brown Family gave us a tremendous Meet, many thanks to them.
We hunted twenty three and a half couple on that day and had a very busy day despite it being one of the warmest.
The very odd weather continued for much of the season, very mild and dry and at times very windy.

The best trail hunt of the Season for me was from the meet at Belford Market Cross, other days of note were Sunny Hill Farm, the Battlebridge Meet, the day from the Kennels and the Broome Park Corner Meet.

Once again we never lost a day all season to the weather. As always it was a big team effort from the kennels, Zoe Day and Robert Truscott doing a tremendous job. Also a big thank you to Allan Morris, our Amatuer Whip, Stephen McCarthy, Ben Lambert, Davey Dover, Jimmy Walker, Graham King and Kevin Truscott plus all he farmers, game keepers and land owners.

The Puppy Show is on Saturday 28 July 2012, we look to have not a bad entry and I look forward to having everyone there.

Good Hunting

Robert McCarthy – Huntsman.