Huntsman’s Report

Despite one of the hardest winters for several years the Percy Hunt enjoyed a good, busy season trail hunting. Once again we never missed a day, the Percy hounds were out ninety two days in total. Due to the weather we had to hunt on foot and quads from the 21st December through to 18th January.

The young entry went very well with Wooperton, the best working dog hound (walked by Alan Morris) never missing a day. There were three young bitches that hunted extremely well, Wobble, Worrel and Wombat with very little between them. Wombat (walked by Graham King) just had the edge due to being very low scenting.

Once again the season was a huge team effort. As well as to the Masters and committee a big thank you must go to Giles and Zoe for all their hard work both on and off the hunting field. Alan (Crasher) Morris as always, has been a huge help this Season, not only on the hunting field but also at home and in the kennels, helping in so many different ways. Jimmy Walker has been our main trail layer this season and has done a very good job in laying the trail in so many different ways. Jimmy also carted all the hay and straw to the kennels all winter as well as helping with the collection of the fallen stock. My father Stephen is also a big help in the kennels and out in the country. Sandy Williamson is also a big help in kennels on showing days as he does the kennels both morning and night, his help is very much appreciated. Thanks also to Ali Grey for all the oat straw he provides for the bedding for the hounds. For the first time Justine Jones has done the hunt horses on a Sunday, a pretty thankless task, Justine did this all winter and made a very good job.

I also have a lot of help in the hunt country and thanks go to Graham King, Jimmy Robson, Robert Dobson, Davey Bartrum, Mattie Matterson and Joe Vickers. Last but not least a big thank you to all our farmers, land owners and game keepers without whose support we would not be hunting.

Robert McCarthy- Huntsman