This year we purposely have bred a lot smaller entry on account of our numbers being just where we want them.

The first litter are by Holderness Landscape who we have at Alnwick, he hunts very well and is by Hurworth Landseer, a dog we liked. They are out of Lightning ’12 one of our best bitches who we have been waiting to breed from. She is by Spitfire ’08 out of Linnet ’08. She had six whelps, two bitches and four dogs, all are out to walk and looking well.

The next litter are by Gadget ’10, her sire was Sir WWW Gandolf ’07 and her dam our Pocket ’06, an old line we were keen to keep going. She only had one dog by Spitfire ’08, he is also out at walk.

The third litter are basically a repeat of the first by Holderness Landscape and out of Liberty ’12, she had seven whelps, six dogs and one bitch, they are also all out to walk.

We have also had a lot of packs use our stallion hounds again. Hounds that have been used are Porter, Porrick, Spitfire, Woolem and Lifter.

Robert McCarthy