This year we have just put to four bitches using our own Spitfire and Woolem and one Holderness dog, Albion.

We used Albion last year and his pups did us very well, all of them are very good in their work

The first bitch to whelp was Clinic, walked by Mrs Emma Howie, she had ten very nice pups, five bitches and five dogs, all by Spitfire.

The next bitch to whelp was Porridge who had five pups, three bitches and two dogs by Woolem.

Our best working bitch from last year, Alaska, whelped next, she was walked by the Morris Family, she had a very good litter of ten, five dogs and five bitches by Spitfire.

The last bitch to whelp was Garnish, who had eight pups, five dogs and three bitches who were by Holderness Albion.

I was very pleased with last year’s entry in their work, they all hunted very well despite a very moderate scenting season.

There was very little between three of the dogs in their work, Teaser walked By Mr Jimmy Walker, Albion walked by Mr and Mrs Stephen McCarthy and Allerton walked by Mrs Emma Howie. They are three very good dogs, all of them hardly missing a day all season but I felt that Teaser just had the edge.

There are also two bitches that went very well, Alaska, walked by the Morris Family and Always walked by Mr Billy Crole, there was very little between their work but Alaska just hunted the more days.

Best Working Dog Hound 2011-2012 Season: Teaser walked by Mr Jimmy Walker

Best Working Bitch 2011-2012 Season: Alaska walked by the Morris Family.

Robert McCarthy – Huntsamn