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Pleasing News
Congratulations to our Whipper In, Matthew Sewell, who will be leaving the Percy on 01 May 2018 to go to the Hurwoth Hunt as their Huntsman. Well done Matthew.

The Tumblers Club 

We have 30 Members of the TUMBLERS CLUB so far, but who will be receiving the first two crystal glasses for the 2016/17 Season???!

The presentation will take place at the 'End of Season Auction ' at Eslington Hall on March 11th. Please could everyone settle their debts (donations!) with Ali Morris , you know who you are!   

tumblers club trophies

The Percy Hunt Tumblers Club

tumblers club

Tumbles” from Opening Meet (2016) – to the last day of the Season
Adult Riders      Child Riders                        
  £10 penalty       £5 penalty    for every tumble!

Quad Bikers
£10 penalty for every bogging/stuck in gateway/ tumble of Driver or Navigator!

Fines will be collected by Ali Morris ( tel. 07790100265 with any info!) who will be keeping a “Seasonal Tally.” A Presentation will be made at the “End of Season Auction” with;

A perpetual “Tumblers Club Trophy”, donated by Rickerby Ltd, and an engraved tumbler for the Member with the most tumbles.

Also an engraved tumbler will be awarded to the Member who gives us the most “Spectacular” Tumble of the Season.

All monies raised from the “Tumblers Club” will be given to the “Friends of the Percy Hunt”.


A big thank you to Doxford Barns for the very generous £400 donation given to the 'Friends of The Percy Hunt' for the picture they auctioned at the recent Pork Hunt Ball.

29th July 2015

The Percy Hunt are so very pleased to announce that their huntsman, Robert McCarthy, became engaged to their Secretary's daughter, Miss Lizzie Howie, whilst away in Gloucestershire at the week end. Both sets of parents are delighted. 

The wedding is likely to be after the close of the hunting season next year. So very exciting.

DSC01547-lizzie robert


 1st May 2015

Welcome to our new Stud Groom, Phillip McCarthy. We all wish you Good Luck in your new position.

phillip homer



Well done to our Huntsman, Robert McCarthy, in winning the Horn Blowing Competition at The Horn and Hound Ball, held last night 25 April 2015, in aid of the Hunt Staff Benefit Society at Cheltenham Racecourse. Last year the Ball raised £40,000 for the Society. The photo below was taken minutes after the result was announced. 

horn blowing small


The Friends of The Percy Hunt still have some 2015 Calendars for sale that are available at all the Meets, cost £10 each.


We wish Lynne Thompson a speedy recovery from her fall last Saturday 29th November 2014 which happened shortly after leaving the Meet resulting I understand in a broken ankle. Thanks to Christopher Newlands for his quad bike assistance and to Aimée Straughan for leading the horse back to the Meet. 

Good to hear Harry Vickers is home from hospital after his unfortunate dismount a fortnight ago. Rumour has it he is back at work already!! We look forward to his return as Field Master.

Happy 60th Birthday to our Joint Master and Chairman Mr Charlie Bucknall on Friday 28th November 2014. Please see the Picture Gallery for Saturday 29th November.


Please see Dates for your Diary for full details - 30 August 2014 commencing at 8am

Please see our advertisements page for details

The Friends of The Percy Hunt Hound Exercise Bike Ride and BBQ
Saturday 31 May 2014 - 6pm from the kennels
For full details please click on the title in Dates for your Diary

hounds bikes custom

Change of Staff at Kennels

A warm welcome to Matthew Sewell who joined our kennels team on 01 May 2014 as our whipper in.

In the words of our Master and Chairman Mr Charles Bucknall

"It is actually quite important as if this Bill goes through in its current state it would stop any demonstration etc such as we had prior to the Ban, which, regardless of the subject, is quite a concern.
See Below. I hope that we can get some support to sign the petition."


Please see below a message which has been sent to all supportive Conservative, Liberal and Cross Bench peers from James Legge at the Countryside Alliance.

Please would you also sign and circulate as widely as possible the petition : http://civilsocietycommission.info/petition/

Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill – Part 2   Wednesday 15 January 2014

The Lobbying Bill is reaching its final stages and while the Government have indicated that they will be tabling a number of amendments which will go some way to improving the Bill there remain some serious and unresolved problems. Report Stage provides a real opportunity to improve the Bill further and lessen the harm this Bill would otherwise do. As well as supporting those welcome Government amendments I would ask you to support amendments with the name of Lord Harries of Pentregarth, which are amendments 34, 40, 45 and 52 on the Marshalled List: http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/bills/lbill/2013-2014/0050/amend/ml050-R-I.htm

One issue which the Government has failed to address is that the combined impact of the Bill’s changes to the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act (PPERA) would mean that any future Government would be able to introduce highly controversial and divisive legislation and know that, within the 12 months ahead of a General Election (the regulated period), those opposed to such legislation would only be able to mount a very restricted campaign of opposition due to the expanded range of activities which count towards controlled expenditure coupled with the massive reduction in the spending limits. Amendment 34 would address this specific concern.

I know that many of you worked valiantly against the Bill to ban hunting with dogs not only within the House but also by taking part in the wider campaign outside Parliament. Much of that public campaign in 2000 and 2004, ahead of the 2001 and 2005 elections, would have been impossible, indeed unlawful, had the law been as the Government intends by this Bill. Had PPERA been amended as the Bill proposes the Countryside Alliance would not have been able to oppose the Labour Government’s Bills to ban hunting with dogs as we did. Many of you were part of the great countryside marches. In future any such demonstration would be effectively made unlawful within the regulated period. The simple cost of such an event would put any organisation trying to arrange such an event well over the spending limit long before the event itself was actually held.

The damage this Bill would do to engagement in the democratic process by campaigning groups and charities will be immense. Ministers are keen to point out that the Bill (Clause 26) defines  “controlled expenditure” as expenditure which “can reasonably be regarded as intended to promote or procure electoral success for” a party or candidates. This is not, however, the full picture. The Bill goes much further:

- What “can reasonably be regarded as intended to promote or procure electoral success” relates not only to one or more particular registered parties but also “registered parties who advocate (or do not advocate) particular policies or who otherwise fall within a particular category of such parties, or candidates who hold (or do not hold) particular opinions or who advocate (or do not advocate) particular policies or who otherwise fall within a particular category of candidates.” The definition is made even broader by the fact that the Bill goes on to state that there is no need to mention a party or candidate by name for controlled expenditure to be incurred and that “in determining whether expenditure can reasonably be regarded as intended to promote or procure electoral success…, it is immaterial that it can reasonably be regarded as intended to achieve any other purpose as well”. It is not even necessary for a candidate to be knowable as the Bill state s that candidate  “includes a future candidate, whether identifiable or not”.

I cannot overemphasise the seriousness of the situation and the very limited opportunity left to get this Bill right. It must remain possible for people within a democracy to oppose bad legislation in the future just as we did the anti-hunting legislation. As the Bill stands this would not be possible.                                                                                                                                              James Legge Head of Political, Countryside Alliance

Tim Easby

Lost Property
Black i pod case found during hunting on Wednesday 18 December.
E mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if yours!!

Thank you to Mrs Julia Bucknall for organising a superb well attended Percy Hunt Dinner last night 23 November 2013 and to our Mystery Speaker, Mark Swearman for his very entertaining After Dinner Speech!!
Thanks also to Mike Holland and his team for all the cooking and to our young hunting subscribers who made such good waiters and
A good night was had by all.


Greyhound Racing Night at Pelaw Greyhound Stadium
Friday 18 October 2013

There are still a few places left if you haven't booked your ticket.
£20 per person to include entry, programme and three course meal.
Bar extra.
Bus is leaving from opposite the castle at 6pm, bus fare extra at cost.
First race 7.30pm.
Please e mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you wish to come.

The Great North Run 15 September 2013

Robert and Chris successfully completed the Great North Run in excellent times, Chris in 1hr47 and Robert in 1hr50, Robert bettering his time of last year. They were running in aid of Cancer Research.
Also in the picture is local vet Claire Riddell who also completed the run successfully.

gnr 2013

The Friends of The Percy Hunt Hound Exercise Bike Ride & BBQ
held on 23 August 2013
The bike ride proved very popular with sixty cyclists taking part in the ride and many more joining the BBQ afterwards.
This was the first event organised by the newly formed Friends of the Percy Hunt.  

The Great North Run
Sunday 15 September 2013

Robert and Christopher are again taking part in the Great North Run
Both are hoping to exceed their excellent times of last year.
This year they are running in aid of Cancer Research.
If you would like to sponsor them please call at the kennels and sign their sponsor form.


Part livery available with good grazing. Season 2013 -2014
For details please telephone 07979 856697

Hound Exercise
Mounted early morning hound exercise has started, anyone wishing to take part please contact Robert at the kennels. 


Festival of Hunting - 17 July 2013
East of England Showground, Peterborough

Unfortunately all packs who presented hounds at The Great Yorkshire Show the previous week were not allowed to take hounds to Peterborough as the Cotswold hounds developed kennel cough after attending the Yorkshire Show. This was a great shame for our huntsman and hounds after all the preparation that goes into preparing hounds for the premier show of the year.
Disappointing also as all three of our Masters and many followers had intended to make the 500 mile round trip to Peterborough. All the Old English Classes were cancelled leaving a void and very empty ring at the show. 
One Master, huntsman and a few followers did attend the show but it was not the same with so many missing packs and familiar faces. 

The Percy Party with the empty Old English ring and stand behind
P1000656 Custom

Hound Exercise

Hounds are being exercised every morning at 7am sharp on bicycles, anyone wanting to go along please ring the kennels on 
01665 602047

The Surtees Society paid a visit to the closing meet of the Percy Season on Saturday 16 March 2013 that was very kindly hosted by Malcolm and Fiona Smith at Quarry House. The Surtees Society members enjoyed their day and in the evening went to Chillingham Castle for an evening meal hosted by Sir Humphrey Wakefield and attended by Lady Victoria Percy.

malcolm and fiona smith
Malcolm and Fiona Smith with Sarah Holmes

surtees society
The Surtees Society Members